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Disney Promise Box

Disney Promise Box

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Step into a world of magic and romance with our beautiful 'Disney Promise Box'. It's like a time machine, whisking you back to the days when you dreamed of finding true love and living your own fairy tale. Inside, you'll uncover 12 beautiful charms, each representing a special promise he has made you. Now, your Prince Charming is here, giving you the princess treatment and fulfilling all your dreams. Keep this box close to your heart as a reminder that dreams really do come true, and that you've found your happily ever after. 

Content - 1x Velvet Rectangular Box (Black/ Grey) - Size 35x24x4cm (L x W x H)/ 12x charms (see below)/ 1x PBC Branded Pouch/ Note Card & Ribbon Included 

Note Card Reads: To *Insert Name* ... This is your ‘Disney Promise Box'. Each charm represents a special promise *Insert Name* has made you. Keep this box close to your heart as a reminder that dreams really do come true, and your Prince Charming really does exist.

  • Love Heart - To Love You Now & Forever 
  • Fairy - To Give You The Fairy Tale Life You've Always Dreamt Off 
  • Frog - To Remind You, You Never Have To Kiss A Frog Again 
  • Eiffel Tower - To Take You To All The Romantic Destinations 
  • Feather - To Treat You Delicately & Lift You Up When You Feel Low
  • Pearl - To Protect You Like A Shell Protects Its Pearl
  • Butterfly -  To Let You Be Who Your Are Without Judgment 
  • Bouquet - To Buy You Flowers Forever 
  • Slipper - To Remind You Cinderella Found Her Prince In The End
  • Handbag & Lipstick - To Keep You In Your Feminine Energy 
  • Puppy - To Be Your Best Friend & Your Shoulder To Cry On
  • Carriage - To Make All Your Childhood Dreams Come True 



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