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For Him Promise Box

For Him Promise Box

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Introducing the 'Promise Box for Him' - a heartfelt gift that speaks volumes of your love and appreciation for him. This beautifully crafted box features 12 sections, each holding a special charm symbolising an appreciation or promise you make to him. It's a treasure that he can cherish forever, reminding him of the depth of your love and admiration. Let this box be a constant source of joy and a testament to the incredible bond you share. Gift him this box and watch his heart fill with warmth and happiness.

Content - 1x Velvet Rectangular Box (Black/ Grey) - Size 35x24x4cm (L x W x H)/ 12x charms (See Below)/ 1x PBC Branded Pouch/ Note Card & Ribbon Included  

Note Card Reads:

To *Insert Name* ... This is your ‘For Him Promise Box’. Each charm symbolises an appreciation or promise *Insert Name* has made you. Let this box fill your heart with warmth and be a testament to the incredible bond you both share and the pure love she has for you. 

  • Dolphin - To Create Forever Memories With Each Other 
  • Tiger - For Always Protecting Me & Being My Source Of Comfort 
  • Teddy - For Giving The Best Hugs 
  • Bike - For Teaching Me To Be Present In The Moment
  • Key - To Buy A House Together & Move In With You  
  • Elephant - For Being So Patient & Putting Up With My Attitude  
  • Crown - To Always Treat You Like A King
  • Money Bag -  For Always Spoiling Me
  • Tools - For All The Jobs You Do For Me An A Daily 
  • Car - For Giving Us The Lifestyle We Have 
  • Football - To Let You Watch Your Sport in Peace
  • Boot - For Holding Everything Together All The Time 



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